Current Research

Thank you for your interest in our research. The current research focus of our lab is understanding what variables influence the relation between discrimination and mental health and how individuals cope with racism. A recent line of research examining the efficacy of a group-based intervention targeting internalized racial oppression.

Dr. Banks currently has a paper under review outlining the process of psychological liberation and its role in treating racial trauma.

Our lab welcomes any questions you have and look forward to hearing from you.

Luis Llerena

by Luis Llerena

This page contains all of the current research projects that are in progress. Those who are interested in participating in any one of the research studies, follow links in the “Get Involved” page.

Coping with Discrimination

  • We are interested in the experience of discrimination and how people cope with it.
  • We are asking for your participation as well as for your help in distributing this survey by forwarding this message to other people that you know.
  • Participation in this study will involve the completion of several online questionnaires that should take no more than 45 minutes.
  • You will also have the opportunity to participate in an interview and follow up studies, if you wish.
  • Responses will remain confidential.
  • This knowledge will be obtained and used in an effort to better understand, prevent, and alleviate distress from racial discrimination, which is known to adversely affect individuals’ physical and mental health.

Ferguson Survey

  • We want to learn more about people’s experiences following the events in Ferguson
  • This knowledge will help us better understand, prevent, and alleviate distress from police violence and related activism.


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