Current Lab Members

Banks Lab

Kira H. Banks, Ph.D.

  • Dr. Kira Hudson Banks is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Saint Louis University, an APA-accredited Clinical Psychology doctoral program. Her research examines the experience of discrimination, its impact on mental health and intergroup relations. She has published in American Psychological Association journals such as American Psychologist, Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority PsychologyJournal of Diversity in Higher Education, and The Harvard Business Review and popular media outlets such as Huffington Post and The Atlantic. As a consultant, she has worked with schools, communities, institutions of higher education and corporations to improve diversity and inclusion efforts and engage people in productive dialogue and action. She served as a racial equity consultant for the Ferguson Commission and has continued as the Racial Equity Catalyst for Forward Through Ferguson. She received her BA from Mount Holyoke College, where she was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, and her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan.
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Jadah Stephens, M.S.

  • Jadah is currently completing internship at the Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center in Los Angeles and will complete her doctoral degree in 2019. Her research interests include discrimination and mental health, specifically internalized racial oppression. She is also interested in identity development and racial socialization, particularly with transracial adoptees and Asian Americans. Her thesis is titled: The Influence of Internalized Racial Oppression on the Relation between Discrimination and Mental Health. Her dissertation is titled: The Impact of Discrimination and Internalized Oppression on the Psychological Health of Asian American Transracial Adoptees.  She received her Master’s in Psychology from Boston University and previously taught English in South Korea.

Dazialee Goodwin, M.S.

  • Dazialee plans to graduate from the Clinical Psychology Program at Saint Louis University in May 2021. She received Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology and African American Studies from Saint Louis University in 2014 and went on to become a high school teacher prior to returning to SLU for graduate studies. She is currently in her third year of the program and recently defended her Master’s Thesis titled “Rumination as a moderator of the relationship between racial discrimination and psychological distress. She is currently working on her dissertation, continuing her research regarding the impact of coping styles on mental health outcomes in the context of racial discrimination. Her other work in the research lab involves facilitating groups and workshops to help Black women cope with racism, looking at the effects of race-based traumatic stress, and investigating the impact of internalized/appropriated oppression. Outside of the lab, Dazialee enjoys baking and attending sports events.

Spondita Goswami 

  • Spondita Goswami will be graduating from the clinical psychology doctoral program at Saint Louis University in 2021. She completed her master’s degree at SLU and her undergraduate from Lady Shri Ram, College at India. She is currently in her 3rd year of the program. Her research interest includes broadly in developing culturally sensitive interventions for a culturally diverse population.  Her thesis was entitled: Experiential Avoidance moderated the relationship between racial discrimination and depressive, anxiety and stress symptomatology.

Jasmine Desdune, B.S.

  • Jasmine completed her undergraduate studies at the University of South Carolina Upstate where she began studying topics related to colorism.  Jasmine’s current research concerns examining mental health consequences related to colorism.  Her thesis evaluated the relationship between colorism, depressive symptoms and body image while looking at skin tone socialization as a moderator between these relationships.  Jasmine is currently completing a placement at a local non-profit, Employment Connection. Jasmine is an avid swing dancer and viewer of Spanish telenovelas.

Tanesha Johnson, B.A. 

  • Tanesha is a first-year doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology Program at Saint Louis University. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology at Hampton University in 2016. Following that, Tanesha went on to complete a year-long post-baccalaureate fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh. She is interested in the relationship between socioeconomic status and race impact a person’s perceptions of a discriminatory event and its impact. Clinically, she is interested in working with minority children and integrative health care systems. In her “free time,” Tanesha likes to take walks with her dog and watching Netflix.