Past Research

The RID lab is committed to creating quality research that addresses race, identity and mental health. Past thesis, dissertation, and published research is shown below. If you have any interest in learning more about the projects, please contact us at

Past Projects:

  • Coping with Discrimination
    • An effort to better understand, prevent, and alleviate distress from racial discrimination, which is known to adversely affect individuals’ physical and mental health.
  • Ferguson Survey
    • Learned more about people’s experiences following the events in Ferguson. This knowledge will help us better understand, prevent, and alleviate distress from police violence and related activism.

Past Thesis Projects:

  • The Influence of Internalized Racial Oppression on the Relation between Discrimination and Mental Health.
  • The Racial Socialization Process of White Children
  • The influence of Muslim identity on the relationship between discrimination and depressive and anxiety symptoms.
  • A Psychometric Evaluation of Two Measures of Psychological Abuse and Psychological Aggression
  • Rumination as a moderator of the relationship between racial discrimination and psychological distress
  • The Influence of Skin Tone Socialization on the Relationship between Colorism and Depressive Symptoms and Body Image in Black Americans
  • An examination of the gender differences on the race-based traumatic stress symptom scale moderated by gender role norm conformity in African American men and women
  • Experiential Avoidance moderated the relationship between racial discrimination and depressive, anxiety and stress symptomatology.

Past Dissertation Projects:

  • A Tridimensional Model of Acculturation and Adjustment: Identity, Identification, and Mental Health Outcomes.
  • Examination of the moderation effects of trauma on the relationship between racial and ethnic discrimination and psychological distress symptoms
  • The Impact of Discrimination and Internalized Oppression on the Psychological Health of Asian American Transracial Adoptees

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